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What is a Blue Badge?

Blue badge allows people with a disability to park their vehicle near to their destination. If you are disabled, you can request for a blue badge. Blue badge even helps you to travel independently to any places either as a driver or as a passenger. Normally, blue badges are given to passengers, children, and blinds and even for those having severe mobility problems. A blue badge holder gets a lot of benefit on travelling.

When to Renew a Blue Badge

Blue Badges are normally issued for a time period of three years. After that, the validity of blue badge expires and you have to renew your badge by submitting an application form. To renew a disabled Blue Badge, you will need to reapply for one and you will have to complete an application on behalf of another person and this should be with the details of the person on whose behalf you are applying for.

Eligibility for a Blue Badge

You can apply if:

• You are blind or having sight problems
• You get a Personal Independence Payment
• You get higher rate of Disability Living Allowance
• You get the War Pensions
• You receive a benefit from the Armed Forces

You cannot apply if:

• You are in a temporary condition of disability, for example, a broken hand.
• You are in a situation from which you will improve your condition or you are recovering from recent surgery or treatment.
• You have a condition that is considered to be changed.
• You have a disability, but that will not cause your ability to walk, or very considerable difficulty in walking.
• Children under two are not eligible to have a blue badge.

How to renew a Blue Badge?


You can apply for a blue badge through online or call the Blue Badge government customer service number 0300 111 8000. The process will take 4 to 8 weeks and after that, you will receive your blue badge with a one-year validity.


For disabled blue badge renewal, you need to keep some documents before applying online. At the time of filling the online application, you need to provide your name, date of birth, contact number, place of birth and national insurance number. And, you will need to upload the digital copy of the following things
• Proof of eligibility
• Proof of identification
• Proof of address
• Photograph of person in the badge
• National security number
• Proof of age

Step-by-Step Blue Badge Renewal Process

Step 1 – Click on “Start Now” in order to check your eligibility before completing the online application form.

Blue Badge Renewal

Step 2 – Enter your postcode to select the local authorities responsible for issuing the blue badge in your area

Blue Badge Renewal

Step – 3 Once you have identified the local authority in charge of issuing the blue badge, select one of the options below and proceed to the next screen.
Step 4 – Apply for the renewal process online. No need to pay the fees or submit proof of documents at this point.

Step 5 – Fill in your personal details in the fields shown below.

Blue Badge Renewal

Step 6 – Your address in the “Address Details” section.

Step 7 – Followed by your contact details and vehicle details.

Step 8 – In this section, you enter the details of the existing badge that you are renewing.
Step 9 – If your application is approved, then you can pay the fees of £10.

Step 10 – If the authority decided to check your eligibility, they will call you for a direct interview.

Step 11 – If your application got rejected, then you can apply for an appeal

Step 12 – If you change your address, you need to inform the details immediately to the authority.

Blue Badge Renewal

  • In order to apply for a Blue Badge, you need to get the appropriate Blue Badge form from KMBC website or from One Stop Shops.
  • If you need to receive a qualifying benefit, you need to complete the 7-page form and provide a valid ID and photograph and submit them to the One Stop Shop along with the admin fee. The One Stop Shop will make the arrangement for your Blue Badge and it will be sent to your home address on file
  • If you do not need to receive a qualifying benefit, your mobility needs to be examined at the Center for Independent Living (CIL) along with completing a 17-page form. You also need to attend a small Mobility Assessment at the CIL and you will be gauged based on the outcome. If the outcome is positive, then you need to submit the proof of ID along with your photograph and admin fee to the One Stop Shop. Your Blue Badge will be mailed to your home address.

Payment Options

Normally Blue Badge renewal cost is £10. You can either pay the fees online or offline:

  • Visa credit card
  • Visa debit card
  • Visa electron card
  • MasterCard credit card
  • MasterCard debit card
  • Maestro/solo card

How long it takes to receive the badge?

You will receive your badge within 4 to 8 weeks after submitting your application or blue badge renewal form. It may take longer if there is any unexpected things happen in between with regards to eligibility or proof of the applicant. The delay in getting blue badge also depends on when the authorities received the request and the evidence.

Every Blue Badge application, whether it is a new applicant or a renewal applicant, is assessed on an individual basis against the Department for Transport criteria.

After completing the basic eligibility testing, you may be asked to attend a walking assessment for face to face interaction. For the renewal of Blue Badge, you should make a brief record of the expiry date of your badge and should apply five to six weeks before the badge expires.

Normally the renewal applications are submitted before the old badge expires. If the current badge contains a serial number ending in ‘R’, it shows that the badge is renewable and can apply for the card. But in both cases, the eligibility criteria need a reassessment. For that, the applicant should undergo a series of checking and finally, he will get approval from the concerned authorities. Once after you file your application, these authorities will process the application after submitting documents and payment and will contact you for any clarification.

What to do if my application got rejected?

Blue badge Applications are rejected usually because the applicant does not qualify for a badge under the strict criteria. However, if the applicant is not admitting the decision, he can write a letter to the officials within one or two months from the date on the refusal letter to request for reconsideration. In that, you must include the reasons about your eligibility, and also it should be a signed one. Applicants are responsible for providing any further evidence if required.

What If my Blue Badge is misused?

The Blue badge is only to be used by the badge holder. It is not transferable. It is a crime to allow other people to use the Blue Badge under various circumstances like:
• Keep something on your behalf such as shopping whilst you stay at home;
• If you are allowing friends or family to park for free even if they are visiting you;
• Let non-disabled people take advantage of the benefits
The maximum penalty for convicted who misused blue badge is £1,000, which includes any additional fine charges for parking offence.
If you notice anybody misusing a blue badge, you can inform through email or telephone to the concerned authorities. You can email at or contact directly to the Customer Access Service on 0300 123 6736. At the time of the complaint, you should clearly give the details of the location, description of the driver or user and the badge number. All the details of the informer will be kept confidential. It will not make any problem to the informer. Blue badge holder is not supposed to transmit his badge under any circumstances as it is an offence and the person will be punished.

What will I do if my blue badge destroyed or stolen?

The authorities will issue a replacement badge if anybody lost or destroyed or damaged their blue badge. A replacement fee of £1000 and a new photograph is to be submitted at the time of application.
If the old badge is only six months valid, then you will have to submit a new application form. Otherwise, you can replace the old badge with fewer formalities.
If your badge is lost or stolen, the applicant needs to file a report with the police in order to prove that his blue badge has been lost or stolen and then provide the police crime report number to the authorities.
If your badge is faded or damaged, you can simply return it to officials and you will receive your replacement badge.

What is the procedure if a blue badge holder dies?

The blue badge must be returned to the concerned authorities with a report and the validity of the badge will get cancelled.

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  1. This is a terrible process. I’ve tried to renew my blue badge and the reason I have it is I can’t stand or walk unaided. Now I am expected to film (with digital camera) all kinds of documents from appointments and treatments over past 10 years. To do this I have to stand to cover the whole document. One of the reasons I need the wretched badge is I can’t stand without holding on to something. Looks as though I have been to the shops for the last time. What a way t9 treat an 85 year old.

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