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Argos is a British retailer company selling both in more than 750 physical stores and in the online, with more than 800 million visits every year. With more than 50,000 employees and sales of £4.282 billion in 2009, Argos is one of the biggest retailers in the United Kingdom. It was founded in 1973 and it was listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1990 and in 2016 it was acquired by the UK supermarket chain Sainsbury’s but it still operates under the Argos brand. If you are an Argos customer and you need to apply for an Argos card, this article will help you understand how to easily do that to save time and money.

What is an Argos Card?

Argos Card is actually a credit card and you can use it when you buy from an Argos store, on the online Argos store, via the app or by the phone. It’s like any other credit cards, the earlier you pay your balance, the less interest you will be paying. There are several plans available to buy now and pay later and these plans depending on how much you intend to spend. These plans range from 3 to 12 months. When the pay later period approaches you will receive details of what you have left to pay and if you have paid the plan by the end date, there is no interest to be paid, but if you don’t pay in full, you will have to pay interest.

Argos Card Eligibility

Argos Card eligibility
To apply for an Argos Card you need to meet some requirements:

  • be at least 18 years old
  • have an address where you stayed for at least 2 years in the past
  • you can provide your bank details
  • you have been a UK resident for at least 1 year

Argos Card Payment Plans

Argos Card Payment Plans
Payment plans you can apply for depends on how much money you intend to spend on Argos stores and you can qualify for some different type of plans. There are two types of plans, Buy Now Pay Later or Normal Credit.

Buy now pay later plan – with this plan you can shop in-store, online, by the phone or via the app. You can pay off your balance at any time before your plan will end or you can pay nothing in the term of your plan. The interest will be higher or smaller if you pay your balance in time or not, if you pay earlier you will be charged less, of course. The buy now pay later plans range from 3 to 12 months and you have the opportunity of not paying any interest if you pay your plan by the end date. If you don’t, you will be charged interest from the date of the purchase.

Normal Credit – it’s like a credit card, you don’t have to pay anything at the time of your purchase with the Argos Cards. If you pay your Normal Credit plan at its time, you will not pay any interest. You can purchase with this Argos Card plan online, in a physical store, by the phone or via the Argos app. So it’s important to know that you will not pay interest if you pay your normal credit plan in time. Of course, you will be charged interest if you decide to spread your cost over a long period of time. You get normal credit if you spend under £50 at Argos. Every month you will receive a statement with information about your balance, your minimum monthly payment, your interest and your payment due date.

How to Apply for an Argos Card?

apply Argos card online in store
There are two ways for you to apply for an Argos card. One possibility is to apply directly to the nearest Argos store where you can ask for an Argos card. Take with you the ID and a proof of your address. The other way of applying for an Argos card is to do that online. If you apply online there are two possibilities, you can Apply and Buy and the other option is to Apply for credit Only. When you apply online for an Argos Card, information submitted on the Argos website will be encrypted, so there is no need to worry about giving your bank card details. The website uses an advanced protection from Verisign and there is a certificate for that. You are advised to use Google Chrome for the best view of the Argos website.

Apply for Argos Card Online

Argos Card apply and buy

Argos Card Apply and Buy

If you choose to Apply and Buy option you just have to add items in your trolley and when you are ready to pay, just select Apply for an Argos Card on the payment page. Let’s say we add on our trolley an Apple MacBook Pro 2016 13.3 Inch Ci5 8GB 256GB – Space Grey that costs £1449.00. On the trolley page, you can see that Argos is offering you the possibility to apply for an Argos Card.

Argos Card offer in trolley

Buying this Apple Macbook Pro for £1449 you qualify for three credit plans: 12 Months Buy Now Pay Later plan, 6 Months Buy Now Pay Later plan and Normal Credit plan.

Argos Card 12 Months Buy Now Pay Later Plan

Argos Card 12 months buy now pay later plan
With this plan, if you pay your balance until the end date you will pay no interest. If you don’t pay that balance until the end date, you will pay interest from the date of your purchase. Your APR will be 29.9% APR variable. Your interest-free period will be up to 12 months and you will be paying interest if you don’t pay the balance by the due date. You need to know that there are no repayments necessary during the Buy now pay later period. The annual fee for this plan is 0, there will be no annual fees for this Argos card. These cards are provided by Home Retail Group Card Services Ltd which is part of the Argos Ltd and you can write them a letter to the following address: 489-499 Avebury Boulevard, Milton Keynes MK9 2NW.

Argos Card 6 Months Buy Now Pay Later Plan

Argos Card 6 months buy now pay later plan

With this plan, if you pay your balance in time you pay no interest, but if you don’t pay off this plan in full by the end date, then you will have to pay interest on the daily balance from the moment of your purchase and the Representative is 29.9% APR variable. There is no annual fee for this Argos Card and no repayments are necessary during the Buy now pay later 6 months plan. If you pay late, you will also have to pay fees of £12.00 for Late Payment, Collection letter fee and Over credit limit fee.

Argos Card Normal Credit Plan

Argos Card Normal credit plan
As you can see in the image above, for this plan there will be no interest if you pay the cash price before the payment due date on your statement and the representative is 29.9 % APR (variable) for all normal credit plans. For this plan, there is no annual fee, but you pay £12.00 for Over credit limit fee, Late payment fee and Collection letter fee.

Argos Card Apply for Credit only

Argos Card Credit Only

If you want to apply for an Argos Credit Card you have to check first if you are eligible. You must be at least 18 years old to apply for this card, you have to be able to provide an address for the past two years, you need also to be able to provide your bank details and you need to prove that you have been a permanent UK resident for at least 1 years.

Argos Card Application Page

On the next page you will have to Answer some short questions and then you will receive an answer if you are accepted for an Argos card or not. You need to enter your details like name, gender, date of birth, your current address, your bank card details, your bank account details, your personal details like the employment status and your residential status. You need to read the Argo Card terms and conditions and accept these terms if you want to get one. Click continue and you will receive an answer if you are accepted for an Argos card. You need to know that when you provide your details online, a credit search will be performed automatically on you so make sure you write accurate information about you, your bank and other important personal information.

Apply for Argos Card by Phone

Argos Card Customer Service Number

You can apply for an Argos Credit Card by phone if you don’t want to do it online or in an Argos store. To do that just call the Argos Card customer service number 0345 640 0700 and a member of the support team for credit cards will answer all your questions related to eligibility and what kind of papers you need to apply. When you apply over the phone, the member of the customer service team will perform a credit search on you. In case your application is rejected, you can resubmit your application after three months. This customer service telephone number is available from Monday to Saturday, 8 AM to 8 PM and Sunday from 10 AM to 6 PM. You can call this number if you have any other questions related to the Argos credit card, not just for an application.

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  1. I would like to apply for a Argos card I’m 53 and have lived in UK all my life iv been in my home for 6 years plz who can post me one out thanks I have a bank account

  2. I want to apply for a argosy card how can they post me one I’m over 18 have a bank account and have lived in UK all ,53 years of my life and have lived in my present home for ,7years thanks look forward to receiving one

  3. Ilost my card some time in january 2017.they keep sending me letters saying I owe money
    I reported the loss at the argos in old kent rd london the actual shop is on a side rdnear the old kent rd london

    They should supply me with a new card so i can make payments that might be outstanding, and also a new I can shop again

  4. Hi
    I receive a call from argos card that is missing just one step to complete the application but they didn’t tell me nothing if the application is go true

  5. I have moved house and can’t find my Argos card anywhere. Could you tell me how to apply for a new one and also how to cancel my previous card please .

    Thank you

  6. I applied for an Argos card and decision was deterred for 7-10 days but also showed me a credit limit and Apr :/ will I get the card or could I still be declined? THanks

  7. Hi looken to no if I can renew my Argos card it expired in 4/ 13 and I would like to have one again I try to put it in on line and it Keeps saying try again thanks

  8. I wondered why I was being debarred from the Argos website, and when I checked my Argos card I see that it expired on 11/17 I would like to renew it please. I still receive all the Argos brochures and automatically assumed that my membership was still in order.

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