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Why Apply for a Credit Card

A credit card is a payment card, whose name comes from the physical object used a rectangular plastic card. It is one of the most fashionable and most used banking products. A credit card is different from a debit card in that it does not transfer money from the user’s account for each transaction. By using the credit card, the card issuer lends the holder some money. Using the credit card holder is not obliged to pay the accumulated debt immediately, it may delay the payment of debts later, the cost of payment of interest on the money owed.

How Credit Cards Work

how credit cards workThe credit card is funded by the bank providing the cardholder’s credit limit. For the use of the credit limit, the card holder is obliged to repay at the term’s minimum amount, representing a percentage of the amount used and the interest under the conditions stipulated in the credit card contract. A credit card is limitless because the amounts repaid can be reused after reimbursement.

Types of Credit Cards

There are many types of credit cards you can apply for: cards with no interest but with balance transfer fees, credit cards for a bad credit score or even reward credit cards or airline credit cards where you receive reward points or flying miles.

  • 0% balance transfer credit cards – you don’t have to pay interest but you have to pay balance transfer fees
  • 0% purchase credit cards – use these cards for large purchases or for regularly good and services without any interest
  • Low fee balance transfer credit cards – you can transfer a hefty balance from another credit card to this card for a more attractive interest rate
  • Credit cards for bad credit – if you have a bad credit score you should go for this credit card
  • Credit builder credit cards – build up your credit score if you had problems with debt in the past
  • Balance transfers and purchases – save money on retail purchases and balance transfers
  • Reward credit cards – receive rewards for paying the balance every month
  • Overseas spending credit cards – save money when spending abroad
  • Low rate credit cards – save money on retails purchases and balance transfers with low-interest rates
  • Money transfer credit cards – pay cash into your account
  • Airline credit cards – perfect for people who travel a lot, you can receive reward points or flying miles

How To Apply For a Credit Card

To apply for a credit card you need to understand first what is best for you. There are on the UK market a lot of credit card providers, usually, the banks or the building societies and you have to read and understand all the conditions before applying for a credit card.

Find the right credit card for you

find the best credit card
It is important to know why you need a credit card. Maybe you want to clear a debt that you currently have or want to get something in return for spending. If you do not know what kind of card you need, you should consult several types of cards, these cards are offered by banks and the offer is very variate.

Check your credit score

check credit score
When you apply for a credit card, the bank that provides this card will make a check in your past to see if you are creditworthy and if you have a bad history in relation to other loans.

f your credit score is good, so you more likely to get the desired credit card. To see how’s your credit score you should go to specialised sites in checking credit score. This will help you eliminate any surprises in being rejected and even you will be able to correct your credit score.

Check the offers and choose the credit card

credit card offersIt is important to check all credit card offers that may seem best and choose the one that suits you best. On the market, there are plenty of banks offering credit cards, but read carefully the terms and interest that banks charge. In the example from the picture above you can see that Santander is offering three cards you can choose from. No matter if you want to transfer a balance, to earn cashback, to travel abroad or to save on interest repayments, they got all covered. You can also find credit card comparison tables.

Complete the credit card application form

credit card application formIf you are determined and ready to apply for a credit card, go to the site of the bank that offers that credit card, select the desired card and complete the application form. As you can see from the picture above which is taken from the Sainsbury’s Credit Card application page, you have to enter details about yourself. You can complete this application online and also by mail or by telephone. Below you can see an example of how to apply for a credit card from Barclays Bank.

EX: How to Apply for a Barclaycard

Step 1 – Enter the main site of the bank

Barclays credit cards siteLet’s say you heard or saw an advertising on the internet or on the tv about Barclays Credit Cards. Go to the Barclays Bank homepage and find the credit cards section. Click Credit Cards link and you will see opening three other subsections: Choose a Barclaycard, Learn about credit cards and Barclaycard benefits. If you click the Choose a Barclaycard button you will see other buttons opening: Compare all credit cards, Balance transfer calculator, Balance transfer credit cards, Purchase credit cards, Rewards credit cards, Credit building credit card and Check if you’re eligible. Click then Compare all credit cards and go to step number 2.

Step 2 – Compare all Credit Cards

compare Barcays credit cards
On the credit cards comparison page, you will understand that a credit card can be a very good way of borrowing money and you can be in control of your finances spreading the cost of all goods you need to buy today and even earn rewards for purchases you make. Normally the banks are charging you interest on the money you borrow unless the balance is cleared every month or the offer you took was an interest-free offer.

Step 3 – Choose the best credit card for you

choose the best credit card
On this page you will see different types of credit cards you can apply for:

Balance transfer credit cards

Let’s say you are interested in balance transfer credit cards. You will see that below there are a few credit cards you can choose from. On the balance transfer credit cards, you will have 0% interest if you are a new customer with no other credit cards provided by Barclays. There is interest, just a fee for the balance transfer.

  • All-Rounder Platinum Card

all rounder platinum card

– a flexible card used for balance transfers and purchases;
– you have 0% interest on purchases for 25 months;
– 0% interest for 25 months on balance transfers within 60 days
– representative 18.9% APR
– purchase rate 18.9% p.a.
– assumed credit limit £1,200
– no annual fee

  • 37 Months Balance Transfer Platinum card

37 month balance transfer platinum card

– a credit card with maximum flexibility if you pay quickly your balance
– representative APR 18.9%
– purchase rate 18.9% p.a.
– assumed credit limit £1,200
– no annual fee

  • 32 Months balance transfer Platinum card

platinum card

– a perfect credit card with a lower fee and less time to pay the balance
– 0% interest for 32 months on balance transfers
– 0.6% balance transfer fee
– representative APR 18.9%
– purchase rate p.a. 18.9%
– assumed credit limit £1,200
– no annual fee

  • No fee 24 months balance transfer Platinum card

platinum card

– perfect card if you transfer the balance but don’t want to pay fees
– 0% interest for 24 months on balance transfers
– 0% balance transfer fee
– representative APR 18.9%
– purchase rate p.a. 18.9%
– assumed credit limit £1,200
– no annual fee

  • 18 months balance transfer Platinum card

platinum card

– perfect for an average credit history and you want a balance transfer
– 0% interest for 18 months on balance transfers (2.99% fee applies)
– representative APR 24.9%
– purchase rate p.a. 24.9%
– assumed credit limit £1,200
– no annual fee

  • Freedom Rewards card with purchase offer and balance transfer

freedom rewards credit card

– you earn Freedom points to redeem for rewards
– 0% interest on purchases for a year
– 0% interest for a year on balance transfers(0.15% fee applies)
– representative APR 21.9%
– purchase rate p.a. 21.9%
– assumed credit limit £1,200
– no annual fee

Step 4 – Credit Card Eligibility

credit card eligibility

Before applying for a Barclays card you need to check your eligibility for a credit card because it is easy to use; it is free; it will not affect your credit rating and you will get your eligibility answer in just a few minutes. You have to answer some easy questions like your name, employment status; if you have currently other accounts with Barclays and some other questions. If you are eligible to apply for a credit card, go to the next step and start the application process.

Step 5 – Apply for the Credit Card

barclays credit card application

If you found yourself eligible to apply for a credit card, it’s time to start the application process. First click the Apply now button that will take you to the Barclaycard Platinum credit card application page. You will need to enter your personal details like the Name and address, home telephone, your address, and employment details as long as your Bank details. You will also have to answer why and how you want to use your credit card. A decision about your credit card will take no more than 1 minute.

Apply for Barclaycard by Phone

If you find difficult the process of applying online for a Barclaycard, then you can apply by phone. To do that simply call the Barclaycard applications and new customers phone number 0800 731 0200 from Monday to Sunday, 8am – 11pm.

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