ESTA Renewal for UK Citizens to USA – Electronic System for the Authorization

What is ESTA?

ESTA is an electronic system for the authorization of travelling into the United States for people living in countries part of Visa Waiver Program.

The VWP is a special program allowing citizens from countries with high-income economies such as Australia, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain and others, to enter the US for a 90-days period without a visa requirement. 38 countries are part of the Visa Wave Program.

Arrival is required by air or by cruise ship only. The Electronic System for Travel Authorization is automated and when you want to get approval you just need to fill a form with some of your personal data. This article will help you understand how to renew your ESTA if you are a UK citizen travelling to the US.

When do you need to renew your ESTA?

An approved ESTA application is available for two years from the moment of issue or until the expiration of your passport. So if you want to renew your ESTA, you have to do that before going to the United States. In case there will be issued a new passport, you will need a new ESTA, also you will need it in case you change your name, if you change your gender, your country or citizenship. It is recommended that you apply for a new ESTA authorization when you know for sure you are going to travel into the United States. In case you are in the United States when your ESTA will expire, this thing will not affect your travel.

ESTA Pricing

You will have to pay a processing charge of $4 and an authorization fee of $10 in case your application is approved. You need to prepare a payment method before requesting a new ESTA authorization. If your electronic travel authorization is not accepted, you will be charged only for the processing charge.

How long does an ESTA renewal process take?

If you are approved for an Electronic System for Travel Authorization already, you will receive a response immediately. When more time is needed, a response will be available within 72 hours.

There are three possible answers:

  • Authorization Approved – this means you are approved and you are able to travel into the United States under the Visa Waiver Program
  • Travel Not Authorised – this means you are not authorised to travel to the U.S. under the Visa Waiver Program, but you may still apply for a visa
  • Authorization Pending – this means your travel authorization is under review and you will receive a response within 72 hours. You may return to the website to check your ESTA status.

If you have any questions simply click the “Ask a Question” button on this US Gov web page.

ESTA General Renewal Terms

ESTA General Renewal
You need to know that if your old ESTA authorization is expired, there is no possibility to extend that, you just have to submit a new application and all the steps for doing that will be presented inside this article, below.

Go to the ESTA authorization page and follow the instructions. If your ESTA has expired or will expire soon, you can resubmit a new application at any time. A new application will cancel the existing application. ESTA is available for two years or until the passport expires. You may enter multiple times into the U.S. territory with this ESTA authorization.

How to Renew ESTA authorization

If you want to renew your ESTA authorization to travel in the United States, you need to meet some requirements. The process of the ESTA renewal will take only 20-30 minutes online. In order to renew your ESTA authorization, you have to meet some requirements and then to take some additional steps.

Am I eligible to Renew? I must be/have:

  • You are a United Kingdom citizen (England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland)
  • You do not have a visitor visa in your passport
  • You intend to travel for 90 days or less
  • You want to travel to the US for pleasure and/or business only

What Do You Need to Apply for an ESTA Renewal:

  • You need a valid United Kingdom Passport
  • A credit card/debit card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover) or Paypal account
  • Available contact details
  • Employment information if possible

Step 1 – Enter The Official ESTA Application Page

ESTA Homepage

Entering the main ESTA authorization page of the U.S. Customs and Border protection website will give you the possibility to find the best source of information in order to renew your ESTA authorization.

Step 2 – Understand What Is Your Actual ESTA Status

Esta Status

If you haven’t asked for a renewal of your ESTA yet, just click the New Application button. If you have requested one, just click the button Check Existing Application.

Step 3 – Apply For A New ESTA

ESTA Application

Verify if you are eligible to apply for a new ESTA and then choose the type of application, Individual application or Group applications. If you are a returning applicant, you have to check your Individual status or check group status.

Step 4 – Confirm Acceptation of Privacy Terms on ESTA application page

ESTA terms and privacy

You are informed that all information that you provide on this page is the property of Department of Homeland Security, part of the U.S. Government. So you need to confirm that you accept these terms. If you accept that, just click the Confirm & Continue button.

Step 5 – Read the Disclaimer and Confirm Acknowledgement

ESTA Disclaimer

By reading this disclaimer you will understand that ESTA is performing proper checks inside law enforcement databases to look for any bad history about your related to your future admission into the United States.

Before boarding, you will need to obtain this ESTA authorization. When your ESTA is approved, this doesn’t mean that you are automatically admissible to the US under the VISA Waiver Program. Rather this means you are able to travel to the US. Once you arrive in the United States, your admission will be established by a U.S. customs and Border Protection officer.

This person is the only one to determine if you are admissible into the US, even if you have an ESTA available. In case your ESTA application is not approved, this doesn’t mean you cannot travel to the United States with a VISA. You are informed that you need to provide accurate information and any false information you provide may be subject to criminal or administrative penalties. Once you have understood the disclaimer terms, click Yes or No and click the Next button.

Step 6 – Enter ESTA Applicant Information

ESTA Application Information

On the ESTA Application Information page, you will have to enter the details required for your authorization.

  • Family Name
  • First Name
  • Gender
  • If you are known by other names or aliases
  • Date of Birth
  • City of Birth and Country
  • Passport Number
  • Country of Citizenship
  • Issuance date and Country, expiration date and other required information.

You have to give additional information about your parents, information about Social Media (this is optional). Also, you have to provide Employment information like Job title, Employer name and Address and then when all information is provided, just click the Next button to go further.

Step 7 – Enter the Travel Information

This includes information like the last city where you will be boarding on an aircraft before arriving in the U.S. on this trip; Carrier Name on which you are travelling to the U.S., flight number or vessel name; the address while in the U.S. – enter the address where you will be staying in the United States and if you are staying in multiple locations, enter just the first one, the city where you will be staying and the State, you are also encouraged to include the itineraries you will be having in the U.S.

Step 8 – Answer Eligibility Questions

This is information like if you have a communicable disease (such as Chancroid, Granuloma inguinale, HIV, Leprosy, Syphilis infectious stage, Tuberculosis active); any Physical disorders or Mental health problems.

You should answer No if you don’t have any of these physical or mental disorders; if you are a Drug addict or Drug abuse. You have to tell if you have been arrested or convicted a crime or an offence regarding a controlled substance. You also need to answer if you are involved or you have been involved in sabotage or espionage, if you want to work in the U.S. or if you ever have been detained, withheld or retained custody of a child from a United States citizen. You should answer if you have been denied for a U.S. VISA in the past or if your VISA has been cancelled and if asserted immunity from prosecution.

Step 9 – Review your Application

Check if you have completed all the correct information and modify any mistakes.

Step 10 – Pay the Processing Fee

Be prepared to be charged in case your ESTA authorization is approved.

How long is your ESTA valid?

If your application is approved, you will be able to travel multiple times into the United States inside the two years period or until your passport expires. Your ESTA may be revoked at any time for different reasons and you will not be able to use it anymore. If you are inside the U.S. and your ESTA will expire, this will not affect your travel. The validity of your ESTA is for two years, but you may stay in the United States for a period of 90 days or less. In case you intend to stay more, you have to apply for a VISA at the nearest U.S. consulate or embassy.

ESTA Renewal Overview

So in order to renew your ESTA authorization you need to know some things. First and most important is that your current ESTA cannot be extended, you just have to apply for a new one.

There is a big difference between a VISA and an ESTA authorization. ESTA is available two years from the time of application or until the passport expires. To be eligible for an ESTA you have to be a British citizen and to meet some other requirements as explained in the article above. You will have to pay a $14 fee for a successful ESTA application.

f you are approved you will receive a response immediately. When more time is needed, the answer will come in 72 hours. If you are approved for an ESTA this means you are eligible to travel to U.S., but this does not guarantee your admission to the United States. Upon arrival, you will be inspected by Customs and Border officers that may determine if you are admissible into the United States.

How to Apply for the Argos Card

Argos is a British retailer company selling both in more than 750 physical stores and in the online, with more than 800 million visits every year. With more than 50,000 employees and sales of £4.282 billion in 2009, Argos is one of the biggest retailers in the United Kingdom. It was founded in 1973 and it was listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1990 and in 2016 it was acquired by the UK supermarket chain Sainsbury’s but it still operates under the Argos brand. If you are an Argos customer and you need to apply for an Argos card, this article will help you understand how to easily do that to save time and money.

What is an Argos Card?

Argos Card is actually a credit card and you can use it when you buy from an Argos store, on the online Argos store, via the app or by the phone. It’s like any other credit cards, the earlier you pay your balance, the less interest you will be paying. There are several plans available to buy now and pay later and these plans depending on how much you intend to spend. These plans range from 3 to 12 months. When the pay later period approaches you will receive details of what you have left to pay and if you have paid the plan by the end date, there is no interest to be paid, but if you don’t pay in full, you will have to pay interest.

Argos Card Eligibility

Argos Card eligibility
To apply for an Argos Card you need to meet some requirements:

  • be at least 18 years old
  • have an address where you stayed for at least 2 years in the past
  • you can provide your bank details
  • you have been a UK resident for at least 1 year

Argos Card Payment Plans

Argos Card Payment Plans
Payment plans you can apply for depends on how much money you intend to spend on Argos stores and you can qualify for some different type of plans. There are two types of plans, Buy Now Pay Later or Normal Credit.

Buy now pay later plan – with this plan you can shop in-store, online, by the phone or via the app. You can pay off your balance at any time before your plan will end or you can pay nothing in the term of your plan. The interest will be higher or smaller if you pay your balance in time or not, if you pay earlier you will be charged less, of course. The buy now pay later plans range from 3 to 12 months and you have the opportunity of not paying any interest if you pay your plan by the end date. If you don’t, you will be charged interest from the date of the purchase.

Normal Credit – it’s like a credit card, you don’t have to pay anything at the time of your purchase with the Argos Cards. If you pay your Normal Credit plan at its time, you will not pay any interest. You can purchase with this Argos Card plan online, in a physical store, by the phone or via the Argos app. So it’s important to know that you will not pay interest if you pay your normal credit plan in time. Of course, you will be charged interest if you decide to spread your cost over a long period of time. You get normal credit if you spend under £50 at Argos. Every month you will receive a statement with information about your balance, your minimum monthly payment, your interest and your payment due date.

How to Apply for an Argos Card?

apply Argos card online in store
There are two ways for you to apply for an Argos card. One possibility is to apply directly to the nearest Argos store where you can ask for an Argos card. Take with you the ID and a proof of your address. The other way of applying for an Argos card is to do that online. If you apply online there are two possibilities, you can Apply and Buy and the other option is to Apply for credit Only. When you apply online for an Argos Card, information submitted on the Argos website will be encrypted, so there is no need to worry about giving your bank card details. The website uses an advanced protection from Verisign and there is a certificate for that. You are advised to use Google Chrome for the best view of the Argos website.

Apply for Argos Card Online

Argos Card apply and buy

Argos Card Apply and Buy

If you choose to Apply and Buy option you just have to add items in your trolley and when you are ready to pay, just select Apply for an Argos Card on the payment page. Let’s say we add on our trolley an Apple MacBook Pro 2016 13.3 Inch Ci5 8GB 256GB – Space Grey that costs £1449.00. On the trolley page, you can see that Argos is offering you the possibility to apply for an Argos Card.

Argos Card offer in trolley

Buying this Apple Macbook Pro for £1449 you qualify for three credit plans: 12 Months Buy Now Pay Later plan, 6 Months Buy Now Pay Later plan and Normal Credit plan.

Argos Card 12 Months Buy Now Pay Later Plan

Argos Card 12 months buy now pay later plan
With this plan, if you pay your balance until the end date you will pay no interest. If you don’t pay that balance until the end date, you will pay interest from the date of your purchase. Your APR will be 29.9% APR variable. Your interest-free period will be up to 12 months and you will be paying interest if you don’t pay the balance by the due date. You need to know that there are no repayments necessary during the Buy now pay later period. The annual fee for this plan is 0, there will be no annual fees for this Argos card. These cards are provided by Home Retail Group Card Services Ltd which is part of the Argos Ltd and you can write them a letter to the following address: 489-499 Avebury Boulevard, Milton Keynes MK9 2NW.

Argos Card 6 Months Buy Now Pay Later Plan

Argos Card 6 months buy now pay later plan

With this plan, if you pay your balance in time you pay no interest, but if you don’t pay off this plan in full by the end date, then you will have to pay interest on the daily balance from the moment of your purchase and the Representative is 29.9% APR variable. There is no annual fee for this Argos Card and no repayments are necessary during the Buy now pay later 6 months plan. If you pay late, you will also have to pay fees of £12.00 for Late Payment, Collection letter fee and Over credit limit fee.

Argos Card Normal Credit Plan

Argos Card Normal credit plan
As you can see in the image above, for this plan there will be no interest if you pay the cash price before the payment due date on your statement and the representative is 29.9 % APR (variable) for all normal credit plans. For this plan, there is no annual fee, but you pay £12.00 for Over credit limit fee, Late payment fee and Collection letter fee.

Argos Card Apply for Credit only

Argos Card Credit Only

If you want to apply for an Argos Credit Card you have to check first if you are eligible. You must be at least 18 years old to apply for this card, you have to be able to provide an address for the past two years, you need also to be able to provide your bank details and you need to prove that you have been a permanent UK resident for at least 1 years.

Argos Card Application Page

On the next page you will have to Answer some short questions and then you will receive an answer if you are accepted for an Argos card or not. You need to enter your details like name, gender, date of birth, your current address, your bank card details, your bank account details, your personal details like the employment status and your residential status. You need to read the Argo Card terms and conditions and accept these terms if you want to get one. Click continue and you will receive an answer if you are accepted for an Argos card. You need to know that when you provide your details online, a credit search will be performed automatically on you so make sure you write accurate information about you, your bank and other important personal information.

Apply for Argos Card by Phone

Argos Card Customer Service Number

You can apply for an Argos Credit Card by phone if you don’t want to do it online or in an Argos store. To do that just call the Argos Card customer service number 0345 640 0700 and a member of the support team for credit cards will answer all your questions related to eligibility and what kind of papers you need to apply. When you apply over the phone, the member of the customer service team will perform a credit search on you. In case your application is rejected, you can resubmit your application after three months. This customer service telephone number is available from Monday to Saturday, 8 AM to 8 PM and Sunday from 10 AM to 6 PM. You can call this number if you have any other questions related to the Argos credit card, not just for an application.

Home Office UK Passport Renewal

The Home Office is a government branch of the United Kingdom that handles passport services. UK Passport Services are available to any residence and citizen of the Great Britain region. This includes England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. If you are looking to renew a UK passport, this will be your helpful guide, the most effective and efficient way. You will have several options to choose in renewing your passport.

The Home Office Main Customer Service number is 0300 222 0000. There is also an online inquiry form if you have any general passport questions. You can also send your non-urgent inquiries to the main offices in Southport via post. You can address all letters to Mark Thomson, the Director General of Her Majesty’s Passport Office; Registrar General for England and Wales.

HM Passport Office
PO Box 767


The Home Office highly recommends you refrain from booking international travel until you have a valid passport in hand.

Why do you need to renew a UK passport?

The answer is simple. You need to renew a passport because it has expired, or it will soon be expiring. Moreover, if you have a child passport, it is likelier to expire faster than an adult passport.You also need to renew a passport as a replacement because it was stolen, or lost.

You also need to renew a passport as a replacement because it was stolen, lost, or damaged, making the biometric chip unreadable.

Lastly, if you are changing person details about yourself, including your name, or you have gone through a physical change, you will need a new passport to verify your identity properly.

Who is eligible to renew a passport?

  • British citizens
  • British overseas territories citizens
  • British overseas citizens
  • Britsh subjects
  • British overseas nationals
  • British protected people
  • All people from birth must have a passport to leave or enter the entire UK

How long does a renewal process take?

The average passport replacement or renewal process is three full weeks. If you have incorrectly filed your application, however, it can take even longer. When you do not receive a passport after six weeks, it is a good idea to call HM Passport Office number 0300 222 0000. This advice and complaints line is open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm. It is also open on weekends and public holidays from 9 am to 5:30 pm.

You do have an option for expedited shipping in the case of an emergency or urgent matter. Premium passport services include a 1-day service. This includes an interview at the Passport Customer Service Centre, where you will receive your passport renewal four hours after your completed appointment. You will need a completed application form, 2 photos, and supporting documents. You may have someone pick up the passport for you but this must be arranged online first. The other option is 1-week service. Fees are all listed below.

HM Passport Renewal Options – Adult and Child

  • Online
  • Paper Form in Person
  • Appointments by Phone or online
  • Overseas Passport
  • For Disabled Passport Assistance visit the HM Passport Website or dial the following Home Office free number 0800 138 8808.

HM Passport Customer Service Centres

  • Belfast
  • Durham
  • Liverpool
  • London
  • Newport
  • Peterborough

HM Passport Renewal Fees

  1. Normal Service (Online or by Post)
    Renew an adult (16 years of age and older) 32-page passport – £72.50
    Renew an adult (16 years of age and older) 48-page passport – £85.50
    Renew a child (Under the age of 16 years) passport – £46
    Passport Renewal for Person born on or before September 2, 1929 – Free
  2. Post Office Passport Check and Send Service
    Renew an adult (16 years of age and older) 32-page passport – £82.25
    Renew an adult (16 years of age and older) 48-page passport – £95.25
    Renew a child (Under the age of 16 years) passport – £55.75
    Passport Renewal for Person born on or before September 2, 1929 – Free
    HM passport normal service fees
  3. 1-day Premium Service
    Renew a standard adult 32-page passport – £128
    Renew an adult 48-page passport – £137
    Change a name in a standard adult 32-page passport (with marriage or civil partnership certificate as proof) – £128
    Change name for an adult 48-page passport (with marriage or civil partnership certificate as proof) – £137
    Change a standard adult 32-page passport – Not Available
    Change an adult 48-page passport – Not Available
    Replace an adult passport that was lost, stolen or damaged – Not Available
    Renew or change a child passport – Not Available
    Replace a child passport that was lost, stolen or damaged – Not Available
    Renew a passport for a British National born on or before September 2, 1929 – £55.50
  4. 1-week Fast Track Service
    Renew a standard adult 32-page passport – £103
    Renew an adult 48-page passport – £111
    Change a name in a standard adult 32-page passport (with marriage or civil partnership certificate as proof) – £103
    Change name for an adult 48-page passport (with marriage or civil partnership certificate as proof) – £111
    Change a standard adult 32-page passport – £103
    Change an adult 48-page passport – £111
    Replace an adult passport that was lost, stolen or damaged – £103
    Renew or change a child passport – £87
    Replace a child passport that was lost, stolen or damaged – £87
    Renew a passport for a British National born on or before September 2, 1929 – £30.50
    HM Passport Service Fees
  5. Overseas Adult (Does not include £19.86 Courier Fee)
    Adult standard 32-page passport – £83 + Fee = £102.86
    Adult standard 48-page passport – £91 + Fee = £110.86
    Overseas Adult Fee
  6. Overseas Child (Does not include £19.86 Courier Fee)
    Child passport – £53 + Fee = £72.86
    overseas child fee

HM Passport Renewal and Replace Online

You can easily apply for, renew, replace or update a UK passport online. You can additionally pay for it online. This service is slightly different than the current beta version which includes printing your application. This will be a step by step process for renewal online.

  • Step 1 – Go online and click the green “Start Now” button.

UK passport renewal online

  • Step 2 – Are you applying from within the UK? Yes or no. Click Continue.
  • Step 3 – Click the Renew British Passport / Replace service. Click continue.
  • Step 4 – Enter date of birth. Click continue.
  • Step 5 – Enter Current Passport Issue date. Click continue.
  • Step 6 – Is your passport damaged? Yes or no. Click Continue.
  • Step 7 – For dual-tri-citizens: Do you have uncancelled passports from other countries? Yes or no. Click Continue.
  • Step 8 – Read disclaimer before continuing. Click Continue.

UK Passport disclaimer

  • Step 9 – Read Instructions. Click Continue.
  • Step 10 – Arrange your passport photos. Click continue.

arrange your uk passport photo

  • Step 11 – Choose a photo method. Do it yourself, buy from a shop, or digital download. Click continue.
  • Step 12 – Upload your photo. Await approval.

passport photo approved

  • Step 13 – Do you have a plain expression. Answer accurately. Click continue.
  • Step 14 – Are there any shadows on your face. Answer accurately. Click continue.
  • Step 15 – Review your photo with the rules once more. Click Submit Photo.
  • Step 16 – Are you recognisable? Yes or no. Click Continue.
  • Step 17 – Insert your previous passport number and Expiry Date. Click continue. You will need to send in your old passport with the application as well. It will then be cancelled.
  • Step 18 – If your passport has expired prior to 2013, you will need to apply a different way. This includes going to the Post office.
  • Step 19 – Once you have successfully entered your passport information, you will be asked to enter your personal details. What is your title? Click continue.
  • Step 20 – Full name details. Click continue.
  • Step 21 – Gender. Click continue.
  • Step 22 – Birth information. Click continue.

HM passport birth information

  • Step 23 – Home Address. Click continue.
  • Step 24 – Contact Details. Click Continue.
  • Step 25 – Select Passport (Braille Sticker available for free). Click continue.
  • Step 26 – Signing your passport online. Click continue.
  • Step 27 – Choosing method of sending back old passport. Special delivery costs £3 or the standard post is free.

send old uk passport

  • Step 28 – Review details and click continue.
  • Step 29 – Declaration. Click I agree and continue to payment.

HM Passport I agree

Step 30 – Payment, print and mail your application to the following address:
HM Passport Office
PO Box 767


HM Passport Renewal Online – Newer Version (Overseas)

To apply online you will need a credit card or debit card, a printer with sufficient amounts of black ink, and your previous passport number (if you have one of course). You will fill out an application with all necessary details. You will then pay with verified credit options. You will print out a declaration form and sign it. You will then send your application to the local Home Office passport centre for review. You should expect to receive a passport within three weeks following this process. If missing information or other information is needed you will be contacted directly.

  • Step 1 – Go online and click the green “Start an Application” button. If you are returning user just click the green “Login” button.
  • Step 2 – Select the United Kingdom for your residence and click the next button. If you are applying from overseas select your country.Passport_Online_Step_by_Step_2
  • Step 3 – Select your passport – red, blue, or black. Click the next button.
  • Step 4 – Answer the question about whether or not the passport has been stolen or lost. Click next.
  • Step 5 – Answer the question about whether or not the passport has been damaged. Click next.
  • Step 6 – Answer the question about changing your name. Click next.
  • Step 7 – Answer the question whether or not you need a new passport photo. This will depend on mostly for people who go through physical changes, or children who are no longer minors. Click next.
  • Step 8 – Review your answers. Edit details or click next.
  • Step 9 -Read the passport disclosure and click the box to agree with the statements made above.
  • Step 10 – Fill out the application including your full name, gender, date of birth, place of birth. Click next.
  • Step 11 – Provide details of the current passport number. Click next.
  • Step 12 – Provide a credit or debit card. Agree to make the payment and click next.
  • Step 13 – Print up the application.
  • Step 14 – Mail the document with 2 passport photos to the following address:
    HM Passport Office
    PO Box 767

    PR8 9PW

HM Passport Renewal Paper Form

You can gain access to a paper application by calling the Passport Adviceline or getting more information online. You can also visit any local Post Office that has a Check and Send service.

What is Check and Send Passport Renewal?

By using the Post Office locator, you can find the nearest branch that will allow you the option to apply for a passport renewal with a written form and application. This is an easy process and will lead to a passport renewal within a few weeks time. You can pay at the post office using cash, credit or debit card, or a postal order. Any postal order must be made out to the “Post Office Limited”.

At the post office, you will fill out the application form. You will provide all necessary documents. You will provide any photos that are required. You will pay. Believe it or not, by using this service you are saving time, because posting your online or home application will take an extra few days to the application to arrive before it is processed. This service is instant.

HM Passport Renewal Appointment

Currently, the HM Passport Renewal office is not taking applications by phone. However, you can schedule an appointment by calling the Passport Adviceline, 0300 222 0000. Appointments can also be scheduled online. Following the link and answer all questions before paying by credit card.

book an appointment

HM Passport Overseas Renewal

If you are currently abroad and need to renew a passport, this is your step-by-step process to do so. This process will take minimum four weeks to replace an old passport.

  1. Step 1 – Go online to the main overseas passport renewal page and click the green continue button.
    Overseas Passport Renewal
  2. Step 2 – Select which country or territory you are currently residing in – this is a toolbar that drops. After your selection is made, click the green next step button.
    C:\Users\Adam\Downloads\Tal Folder (Empty Weekly)\Reviews for Ofir\Overseas_Passport_Renewal_Country_Choice.png
  3. Step 3 – Select which type of passport you are trying to renew. Your options include red, black, blue, replacing a lost, stolen or damaged passport, or applying for a first one. Afterward, click the green next step button.
  4. Step 4 – Choose adult or child. You also now have the option to change previous selections or start over entirely. Click the green next step button.
  5. Step 5 – Review the guidelines web page and begin the online application. You can also download the Home Office Overseas Passport Renewal guidebook.

Helpful Links

UK Drivers License Renewal DVLA Fees, Postal Office and Forms

Drivers and Vehicle Licensing Agency – or also known as DVLA drivers license renewal. If you are looking to renew your driver’s licence online, over the phone, or in person, this is your guide to doing so in the right way.

What you need to Renew Online

  • A valid UK passport
  • Be an active resident of Great Britain
  • Northern Ireland residents have a different process
  • A credit card to pay the £14 transaction fee (fees are waived for people over the age of 70 or with a medical condition)
  • An address or multiple addresses dating back three years
  • Your current photocard driver’s licence
  • Your National Insurance number if you have it available. If not, find out.
  • To have a good driving record – no negative marks that would disqualify you

How to apply for a renewal driver’s licence online for free

When you apply online it will take one week to deliver your new licence. However, you must send your old licence photocard to the special address given at the end of the application for renewal process. Your new licence is automatically activated from the moment your application is approved from the date of your current licence expiry date.

Step-by-Step Process for Government Gateway ID Free Online Licence Renewal

  1. Visit the official gov website where you are able to start the application process online.
  3. Click the Start Now > button so you can begin the application process.
    Start renew proces
  4. Decide whether or not you are going to need the special Welsh / Cymraeg Version. If so, click the red hyperlink at the top of the page and it will immediately translate the language so you can understand. If this is not necessary then follow the Step-by-Step process.
  5. Pay close attention to the warning that if at any time that you press the “back”, “forward”, or “refresh” buttons on your web browser you will forfeit the process and need to start over again. And be sure to read the warnings/policy pages.
  6. Only you can apply for your own driver’s licence and no one can forge the application process for you.
  7. Existing Users logon to their account using this link.
    Gov gateaway
  8. Or one can re-register if they have forgotten their password information.
  9. New Users must register to begin the application process of Licence Renewal. Be sure to fill out all the information accurately.
    Driving Licence application renewal information
  10. Fill out your home information and click the next button.
    Next step on the application
  11. Correctly accept your location and click the next button.
  12. Fill out how long you have lived at this residence. You must fill in both years and months. If you have lived at one address for less than 3 years, the website will request you provide enough addresses dating back three years. Afterward accept your changes made by pressing the next button. Your address for driving licence application
  13. Enter your current driver’s licence number and note YES or NO to the question: “Is the address printed on your driving licence listed above?” If the address does not match the licence number, you will be asked to enter a new address that does confirm the address and number.
    confirm the address
  14. You will then be asked to provide your National Insurance number, UK Passport number, a series of Password protection questions.
  15. Following this you will be registered and permitted to move forward with the renewal process.

Other Ways to Renew Your Licence

  1. Apply at the Post Office
    All licence holders will receive in the mail a reminder that it is time to renew a licence. This letter is imperative when renewing without a licence in hand. Without it, you must bring your photocard licence with you to the post office. In order to find the nearest Post Office branch that handles renewal services please use the Post Locator, a great online tool.
    Additionally you will need to bring with you the following items

    1. Your photocard licence if you have it
    2. The £21.50 fee
  2. Apply by Post
    Once you have received your renewal letter you must order a D1 pack of forms from the DVLA main website. Alternatively, you can go to the local post office and pick one up there.
    Apply by Post - drivers license renewal forms
    D1 Pack
    All applications must be sent with the following:

    1. The completed D1 pack forms
    2. A passport sized photo without a signature on the backside
    3. Your current licence photocard, if you have it
    4. A cheque or postal order for £17 – this must be payable to DVLA. If you are medically disabled or over the age of 70, no fee is required at this time.
    5. Any of the relevant identity documents, showing proof of name.
      SA99 1DH
  3. If you apply by post or at the post office
    1. Your driving licence will arrive within a 3 weeks period.
    2. You can continue driving even without your new licence

Additional Contact Information

If you have any questions you can access all relevant DVLA Contact information at the government website:

DVLA contact info

Once you click the Start Now button select Driving Licences and Applications. You will then be given multiple contact options:

  1. By Phone
    The DVLA driver licensing customer service phone number is 0300 790 6801. This DVLA contact helpline is open from 8 AM to 7 PM Monday to Friday. It is also open on Saturdays from 8 AM to 2 PM. It is closed on Sundays and on all public or bank holidays.
  2. By Email
    The DVLA customer service email is a web form. You will be guided through a series of questions to get to the correct email. For Licence renewal do the following step-by-step.

    1. A GB driving licence >> Continue
    2. Renew or reapply for a driving licence (including after disqualification) >> Continue
    3. Renew a driving licence >> Continue
    4. Renewing a GB licence with a new photograph >> Continue
    5. Or simply go to this DVLA renewal email link and fill out the contents
      Renewing UK licence details
  3. By post
    Send all enquiries to this DVLA Headquarters address:
    Drivers Customer Services
    Correspondence Team
    SA6 7JL
  4. Tips for Contacting DVLA
    1. It takes up to three weeks to receive a renewed licence
    2. Wait minimum two weeks if you applied online
    3. Wait the full three weeks if by post
    4. If you have not received your licence after three weeks please call 0300 790 6801.

What if I lost my licence?

In the event you lost a licence, or it was stolen, damaged, or destroyed, you can have it replaced by visiting the website. As of 8 June 2015 you will no longer need to maintain your original paper copy of your licence as proof.

You can get a replacement provisional or full driving licence by applying online if you have these unfortunate things happen. You can do this by applying through the Government Gateway ID or in person.

Before applying please notify the Police about your licence. This will serve as a record on file that it was either stolen or lost or damaged. More importantly, this will prevent possible identity theft in the future.

To replace a lost, stolen or damaged licence you will need the following:

  • Proof of residency in the UK
  • Good standing and not disqualified to drive
  • A credit card to pay the £20 fee
  • A valid address or addresses showing residency for three years

In the event you find a lost or stolen licence after you have had a replacement you must send your old licence to the following address:

SA99 1AB

Following your application process you will receive an email confirmation Print this and maintain it for your purposes. This will be the only proof you have of a completed application.

What if I need to change my name on my licence?

If you need to change your name on your licence, you will need a new licence altogether. You must send in your old licence along with the following DVLA application form – D1. If you drive a bus or lorry, you will need form D2. Forms can be downloaded from DVLA online.

With your old licence and completed form you will need to send a passport style photo, £17 to cover fees and the original document showing your name change.

Additionally, you are required to update your V5C vehicle registration certificate. This is known as a log book.

What if I need to change my address on my licence?

Lucky for you, you will not have to pay any fee when changing the address on your licence. It is recommended you apply in person at the post.

European Health Insurance Card Application and Renew for Free (E111)

European Health Insurance Card – or EHIC. If you need to apply for European Health Insurance Card online for free, you need to follow these simple steps:

How to apply for European Health Insurance Card online for free

  1. Visit the official gov website where you can apply for EHIC (old E111 form) for free:
  2. Click the Register button so you can start your application
    ehic Registration
  3. Fill the registration forum – name, email and some more details. Important: Save your user name and password, so you will be able to renew your EHIC later on.
  4. You will need to activate your account before you can log into the EHIC Services Portal. Check your email for a massage from the with your NHSBSA EHIC Services Portal activation link. Click it.
  5. After you activated your EHIC portal user, visit the European Health Insurance Card login page.
  6. Read (carefully) the important information and approve.
  7. Now all you need to do is to fill up the form with your information details. You can download the free EHIC  application form through this ehic application form pdf link.
  8. Send the form to this address:
    EHIC Applications, Bridge House, 152 Pilgrim Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 6SN
  9. The European health insurance card application team will process your request for EHIC and will send you the card in the next 7 days or so.

This all process is free of charge and you wont need to pay nothing for your EHIC.

How long does European Health Insurance Card (old E111 form)  application take?:
It usually takes 7-10 days for EHIC application to be issued.

Apply for European Health Insurance Card – old E111 – For free through phone

If you need to apply for EHIC (old E111) but you have some questions or if you just like to apply for your European Health Insurance Card for free on the phone:

  1. call this NHS phone number: 0300 330 1350 (03 numbers are local rate calls in the UK).
  2. Apply for for your European Health Insurance Card directly and free though phone.

Renew European Health Insurance Card For Free

European Health Insurance Card is valid for five (5) years, and you can renew your EHIC six (6) months before the card expiration date.

If you need to renew your EHIC (old E111) for free just go through these steps:

  1. Login with your user and password to the EHIC login page. if you forgot your password visit this ‘EHIC Password Reset Request‘ page retrieve your EHIC password.
  2. Find your EHIC PIN (EHIC Personal Identification Number) on the back of your European Health Insurance Card (see picture):
    EHIC pin for renew
  3. If none of your details have changed, you can renew your EHIC online through the European Health Insurance Card portal with your user and password from step 1.

Renew of European Health Insurance Card – Change of address

  • If you need to renew your EHIC and you changed your address, you can still renew your European Health Insurance Card online, just enter the new address in the address field.

    address field
    Address Field (Used to be called E111)
  • If you changed any other details – not just your address, contact the EHIC customer service team on this number: 0300 330 1350 or send an email to:

EHIC Card Expired, How Can i Renew it?

Yes, you can Renew your European Health Insurance Card, but you will need to do it six month before your EHIC expires. If you did not renew your EHIC on time you have couple of options:

  1. Call the European Health Insurance line:
    0300 330 1350 (and say “replacement”) – You will need your current EHIC number and your national insurance number.
  2. Email the NHS Business Services Authority enquiries team at:

What to do if i Lost my European Health Insurance Card

In case of lost EHIC you have couple different options:

  1. Contact the EHIC line 0300 330 1350 – 24/7 automatic line service, and say “lost and stolen”, or send an email explaining the fact you lost your European Health Insurance Card to:
  2. Send a letter to EHIC Enquiries team:
    PO Box 1114 Newcastle upon Tyne NE99 2TL
  3. In case you are in Europe and in need for health treatment – but lost your European Health Insurance Card, you will need to apply for PRC (or – Provisional Replacement Certificate).
  4. If you are abroad and need to apply for PRC, call the Overseas Healthcare Team on +44 191 218 1999 – Monday – Friday, 8am to 5pm.

European Health Insurance Card Pin Number

Your EHIC Pin number is on the back of the card (where it says “personal identification number”). If you lost your European Health Insurance card Pin number, you probably lost your EHIC. In this case you can use your name,  address, date of birth and  your national insurance number or NHS number, in order to identify yourself and apply for a replacement European Health Insurance Card.

Apply or Renew my EHIC at the Post Office

The option to apply or renew European Health Insurance Card at the Post Office, but this option is not valid anymore, and you can only apply or renew EHIC online. For more information you can visit this page.

Countries the European Health Insurance Card is Covering and Emergency Numbers

European country Emergency Numbers
Austria 112 – euro emergency 144 – rescue (rettung) 133 – police (polizei) 122 – fire department (feuerwehr) Deaf Emergency: by fax or SMS to 0800 133 133
Belgium 101 – national police. 100 – national fire service 105 – the Red Cross 02 648 40 14 – community help service helpline
Bulgaria Call 112
Croatia 192 – police 193 – fire brigade 194 – ambulance services 195 – sea rescue 1987 – roadside help (00385 1 987 from foreign mobile phones)
Cyprus 1441 – air/sea rescue 1401 – drugs, narcotics and poison emergencies 1400 – hospital information 90 90 1432 – on-call doctors
Czech Republic 150 – fire brigade 156 – municipal police 158 – police
Denmark, including the Faroe Islands and Greenland 112 – police, ambulance and fire (European emergency number) 114 – local police (not  emergency), 1813 – Copenhagen and the surrounding area (+45) 7015 0300 – north Denmark (+45) 7011 3131 – central Denmark (+45) 7011 0707 – southern Denmark (+45) 7015 0700 – Zealand
Estonia 112 – emergencies including police and fire brigade 1220 – if you need medical advice, call the family practitioners information line (00 372 630 4107 UK calls) 16363 – information line for the Estonian Health Insurance Fund (00 372 669 6630 if UK calls)
Finland 112 – police and fire brigade 118 – telephone directory (general information and help finding local health centres or pharmacies) (0)9 736 166 – find dental services (9am to 9pm)
France, including Martinique and Guadeloupe 112 (or 114 hearing assisted) Ambulance
Germany 110 – police (Polizei) 112 – fire brigade (Feuerwehr) and ambulance (Rettungswagen) 0761 192 40 – emergency poison helpline
Greece, including the Greek Islands 166 – ambulance services 100 – police 171 – Tourist police  199 – fire department108 – coast guard 1016 – SOS
Hungary 104 – ambulance 105 – fire service 107 – police (20) 900 0107 – Police – SMS service for the deaf (Budapest) (40) 374 636 – 24/7 health advice
Iceland 1770 – medical assistance 444 1000 – police 575 0505 – dental emergencies
Ireland 1850 24 1850  HSE infoline
Italy 112 – general emergencies (medical, fire and police) 118 – ambulance (Emergenza sanitaria) 113 – police (Carabinieri) 115 – fire brigade (Vigili del fuoco) 170 – International Operator
Latvia 113 – ambulance 110 – police 80001234 – Free-of-charge  healthcare services information service
Liechtenstein 117 – police 118 – fire department 140 – alpine rescue
Lithuania Overseas Healthcare Team (+44 191 218 1999)
Luxembourg 113 – police (+352) 22 98 64 – British Embassy in Luxembourg (+352) 27 57 1 – Luxembourg National Health Fund
Malta 356 2545 0000 – main hospital, Malta +356 2156 1600 – Gozo Hospital +356 2122 4001-7 – Malta police force +356 2124 4371 – emergency helicopter rescue +356 2123 8797 – emergency patrol boat rescue
Netherlands 112 – police, ambulance, fire 0900 8844 – national police in non-emergencies 0900 0111 – sea rescue, 020 694 8709 – find a duty pharmacy in Amsterdam
Norway 110 – fire brigade 112 – police 120 – emergency at sea 1412 – textphone
Poland 999 – ambulance services 998 – fire brigade 997 – police 601 100 300 – mountain rescue 601 100 100 – water rescue
Portugal, including Madeira (Health Line 24) on 808 24 24 24.
Romania 112 (or 114 hearing assisted)
Slovakia 112 – emergency services 155 – ambulance 158 – police 159 – city police 150 – fire
Slovenia Healthcare Team (+44 191 218 1999)
Spain, including the Balearic Islands and Canary Islands 112 or 061 – ambulance (ambulancia) 091 – national police (policía nacional) 092 – local police (policía municipal) 062 – civil guard (guardia civil) 080 – fire brigade (bomberos) 900 202 202 – sea rescue
Sweden 112 Emergency Sweden, 1177. This provides non-emergency health advice similar to NHS 111
Switzerland 117 – police 118 – fire 1414 – Swiss Air-Rescue 1811 – general inquiries (doctors, theatres, etc) 140 – breakdown service 162 – weather report 163 – road report 187 – avalanche report